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Practical Jokes and Pranks

Some types of jokes are not verbal in nature. These kinds of jokes are collectively called practical jokes, where an unsuspecting person is led into an uncomfortable and frustrating situation which is ideally a harmless one. Practical jokes and pranks are meant to evoke humor at a person’s expense.

Practical jokes ideas involve mischievous tricks played on a person. The ideal is to cause embarrassment to the victim. These differ from other tricks as in the end the victim too becomes a part of the joke and enjoys the humor played on him. Good practical jokes are typically lighthearted and reversible. They should not cross any limits and only make the person feel foolish or victimized to a certain degree. Although, sometimes, there could be an innate strain of cruelty present in some practical jokes and pranks.

One can enjoy practical jokes at work or practical jokes at home to break the humdrum of daily grind. Modern successful pranks often take advantage of tools and techniques present today. Nowadays, many objects are more commonly used as practical jokes ideas like fake vomit, chewing gum bugs, exploding cigars, stink bombs and whoopee cushions.

But care should be taken as to whom you intends playing these jokes on as not everyone enjoys practical jokes. Sometimes you may yourself fall a victim of your own prank. Perhaps you pulled off a good practical joke on you friend. But perhaps your victim may now want revenge. So remember to take all in good humor and enjoy the good practical jokes as a victim too.

Remember that it is not easy to protect one all the time from practical jokes as it is impossible to check for every prank and remain alert all the time. Your bedroom is perhaps the most common place for practical jokes and pranks.

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