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How To Make A Joke

Most people learn how to do complicated tasks like solving difficult equations or designing computers. But to make a joke may seem to be even more complicated than rocket science. Perhaps everybody can learn the art of telling jokes, but nobody seems to be very sure on how to make a joke.

Perhaps many times, you have found yourself in situations, where your buddies are still waiting for the funny part in your joke. Jokes are very popular and interesting. Read on to get info on to make a joke.

How to make a joke?

Be aware and consider the latest events of the day. If there was a political mistake, you can make a joke of the politician to poke fun at him. Look around you and find reasons of humor. One can find great humor in simple things of life.

Watch the people around you closely. They can also give you reasons to make a joke. Look for the thick skinned one so you can make jokes and fun of them.

Keep your jokes simple and short. Long jokes dwindle the interest of those around you and will bore your audience. Remember that the best jokes need not always be the smartest ones.

Consider your audience and avoid saying anything offensive. Jokes are meant to create humor not hurt anybody’s feelings. Keep these things in mind when you make a joke.

The content of the joke has to have strong ‘lateral thinking`, capturing interest of your listeners. Once you know the tips and tricks, you can practically make a joke about anyone and anything. Enjoy the popularity once you learn how to make a joke!

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