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Enjoy the wild backdrop with Jungle pacman

Pacman game is a landmark in the category of arcade games. It has been entertaining people since its birth. Moreover, it got a great media coverage due to the simplicity of the game. It was first introduced when only available gaming options were spaceship shooters and some sports games. Pacman has been successful in generating a huge fan following across the world. It is hard to find some who don’t recognize pacman games. Loads of varied pacman versions can be found in the world of games. Jungle is one among various successful versions that have attracted lot of gaming enthusiasts towards its play.

Original Pacman games are played at a backdrop of maze and the player has to gobble up the yellow dots to move ahead to the next level. But in jungle pacman, the theme of the game is different making it a little more interesting than the basic version. Let’s see the story behind this game. Pacman is hanging out with his girl in their red car but suddenly the tire gets functioned. Now, he needs a spare tire to replace the busted one. Here, he has to eat dots and escape from ghosts to reach to the spare tire. Pacman will also come across strange characters in the jungle but don’t freak out, they won’t harm him. Therefore, eat all dots to make his love happy.

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