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Funny Ethnic Jokes One Liners

Ethnic jokes are not meant to insult or make fun of a culture or ethnicity. People's reaction to ethnic jokes to think of something that uses stereotyping and insults. But in reality, funny ethnic jokes just take harmless advantage of the differences of cultures in a fun humorous way. It sure is not easy to find some good jokes on this subject.

Ethnic jokes one liners have been around ever since people noticed that they were different from one another. These jokes feed upon difference and the sense of ethnic identity. As the public awareness of racism increased, ethnic jokes have become more and more socially unacceptable in recent years.

Some of the best ethnic jokes

What would you call an Arab who owns a harem of cows?
A milk sheik!

How do we know that Joan of Arc was French?
She was maid in France!

Did you hear about the Jewish Santa Claus?
He comes down the chimney, wakes up the children and says,"Hey kids, do you want to buy some toys?"

Why cant Chinese Barbecue?
Because the rice falls through the grill.

Have you heard about the latest Polish parachute?
It opens on impact

What do you get when you cross an Arab with a Mexican?
Oil of Ole

Why did the Italian boy want to grow a mustache?
So he could look like his mama.

What did the Eskimo children sing when their principal was leaving?
Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow.

How do you stop a taliban tank ?
Shoot the Guy Pushing it

What's the most famous coffee in Afghanistan?
Osama bin Latte

Q: Why do they have so much trouble with the phone systems in China?
A: Because there are so many Wings and so many Wongs that someone's always Winging the Wong number.

Why do jews have big noses?
Because air is free!

But some ethnic jokes have become socially taboo to tell in public in many regions. This depends on who is telling the joke and where. For example, it may be seem offensive for a white person to make a joke about Asians, while it would be more adequate for an Asian to make a similar joke about their own culture.

Comedians from diverse ethnic backgrounds often use ethnic jokes one liners about whites, other groups and themselves. Enjoy these funny ethnic jokes, but take care to not to target any one in particular.

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